LED Lighting

  • LED vs Metal halide lighting which is best?
    November 9, 2019

    LED vs Metal Halide Lights Comparison

    If you’re still using metal halide lighting, we have one word for you: STOP.  Switch to LED lighting. We did a point by point comparison between the two and found that each and every time, LED wins.  LIGHT EFFICIENCY   While...

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  • LED Hospital Lighting
    October 22, 2019

    How can hospitals benefit from LED lights?

    LED lights are not only meant to reduce electricity costs but also make the environment safe for everyone. Hospitals are known to use Incandescent fluorescents which not only consume lots of energy but can cause more illness to people by...

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  • Evolution of LED Lighting
    September 30, 2019

    The Evolution of LED Lighting

    Today, LED is hailed as the most energy-efficient light source. It consumes 80% less energy but provides brighter and more focused light with a lot less glare and heat loss. It lasts longer, which makes hard-to-reach lights easier to maintain....

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  • Why gymnasiums should use LED Lights
    September 2, 2019

    Why gymnasiums should use LED Lights

    The first priority of every reputable gym or sports gymnasium is safety. People can get seriously injured if they are training in poor lighting conditions. They can trip over a misplaced barbell and miscalculate distances when they throw a ball....

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